Horizontal orbital stretch wrapper HM-A1000

For wrapping door and panel as well as large bundles of aluminum profile, steel rods and pipes or timber. High efficient machine to increase your capacity of stretch wrapping packaging, automatic orbital wrapper of horizontal designed structure.
  • Customized machine applicable for: Steel pipes, steel rods, long cartons, furniture
  • Description
    To tackle the stretch wrapping of wide and large panels and bundles, our HM-A1000 plays a very good role in it. This model has improved from the conveyor to the rotating ring to embrace large packing sizes.
    orbital wrapper for packing door and panel by stretch wrapping
    Top press rollers fix the products during wrapping for a better and nicer wrapped package.
    Motor drive conveyor, both roller table and conveyor belt are the options to deliver the products forward.
    PLC system and sensors for detecting the products, the machine is fully automatic to achieve zero-labor operation.
    The film cutter is attached for clamping and cutting the wrapping material automatically and reload the material for the next turn.
    Reinforced structure for the machine, extending the worklife.
    Rotating ring supported and driven by friction wheels.
    Friction wheels are covered by PU material, less frequent to replace as wearing parts.
    PLC control system enables users to have different settings or even programmes for different packing purpose.
    HMI and buttons on control panel, convenient for operator to control machine and adjust settings.
    Automatic start and stop, automatic film clamping and cutting when wrapping is finished.
    Mushroom button, used for emergency.
    Ring speed and conveyor speed adjustable through frequency converter.
    Adjustable tension control, make tighter package.
    double film spools on the orbital wrapper
    conveyor belt used for the orbital wrapping packaging
    protective side rollers for clamping the bundles during orbital wrapping
    Technical Parameter
    Packing size L800-unlimited, W400-800mm, H100-400mm (customized)
    Max weight upon customer's requirement
    Film roll dimension  
    ID 76mm
    OD max 250mm
    Width 100-200mm
    Stretch film thickness 20-35 microns
    Speed of ring rotation 70-80rmp
    Overlapping rate 15-90%
    Wrapping speed 8-16m/min
    Operation mode automatic operation
    Power supply 380V, 3Ph, 50/60Hz( available to customize)
    Output 1.5kw
    Optional Accessories
    Conveyor belt, roller table, chain conveyor and chain board conveyor are optional
    Film cutter
    Different types of film cutter for different packing material are available to choose
    Film spool
    Two film spools double the speed of wrapping