Horizontal pallet strapping machine KZ-PS-H

The feature of this machine is that there is no need to move the goods, and the frame of the machine moves up and down, so as to pack in the corresponding position set in the program, ensuring the packing stability of bulk goods.
The automatic horizontal pallet strapping machine is a horizontal baler specially designed for horizontal baling. For the safety and stability of product movement or transportation on the pallet, the strapping station is placed on the top, and the bales are transported to the positioning. After descending and touching, the bonding point of the bale is in the middle of the conveyor.
horizontal pallet strapping machine-02-min
PET belt used as the strapping material, high speed friction welding, no harmful gas is volatilized during the buckle process.
The size of the machine frame and the strapping bow frame can be customized, which is suitable for horizontal strapping of various sizes of products.
Simple, safe and user-friendly operation, automatic strap end detection.
Strap tension adjustable from soft to high, the strapping has fast welding speed, high quality and neat appearance.
Robust structure, durable materials, high overall reliability.
Automatic unmanned strapping machine is mainly suitable for strapping and packing of pallets, buckets, cartons, barrel....
PLC control, easy to embed in fully automatic conveyor line, multiple packaging modes can be preset.
Through the use of PET packing belts to strap the goods horizontally, the layered pallet transport goods are reinforced and stabilized to prevent the goods from collapsing and ensure the transportation safety of the goods.
Based on advanced design and good operation interface, this model has better performance, higher efficiency and less maintenance cost. Low failure rate, simple maintenance, convenient maintenance.
One or more tapes can be taped according to customer needs (up to 10 tapes can be available).
The tightening force is adjustable from 0 to 300 kg.
Signal reminder when the packing belt needs to be replaced.
The bow frame safety anti-collision device to avoid collision with the package.
horizontal pallet strapping machine-03-min
horizontal pallet strapping machine-04-min
horizontal pallet strapping machine-05-min
Technical Parameter
Working height ≥300mm
Strapping speed 20 seconds/strap
Belt feeding speed 3.7m/s
Strap belt reel dimension  
ID 200-210mm
OD 400-500mm
Width 160-180mm
Arch 1450mm*1400mm
Operation mode Automatic
Strap belt type PET belt
Strap belt dimension Width:9-15(±1)mm, thickness: 0.55-1.0(±0.1)mm
Strap tension 0-300kg
Power supply 380V 50/60Hz  1.2kw
Machine overall size  L3180mm* W2270mm* H4600mm
Gross weight 800kg
Optional Accessories
Roller conveyor
for inline automatic strapping with in-feeding and out-feeding system