Horizontal steel coil wrapping machine EM-SL500

Large horizontal steel coil wrapping machine designed for steel coils with large dimension and heavy weight. Applicable for variant cases with specific customization.
  • Customized machine applicable for: Steel coil, Hose coil, Wire spool
  • Description
    EM-SL500 The machine is designed for steel coil, especially for coils with big OD, such as slit coils, pre-stress wire coil packing, strand wire coil packing. The wrapped package is well-protected & sealed & looks tidier.
    large steel coil wrapping machine with conveyors
    Auto packing material cutting & feeding system on the machine to achieve full-auto model.
    Hydraulic lifting mechanism adopted to lift up the heavy steel coils on taper rollers. 
    Using PLC programmable control with touch screen man-machine interface, making better wrapping than manual methods.

    Simple operation by imputing OD,ID&Width of coiled metal. Other parameters will be set automatically.
    Excellent collections, well-known brands are adopted for the main components.
    In-feeding & out-feeding conveyors as option to add for integration with your production line or packing line.
    All machine details displayed in English.
    Hydraulic lifting system adopted, suitable for wrapping large and heavy steel coils.
    Both manual and automatic two working modes can be easily switched.
    With indicator alarms automatically occurs system.
    Wrapping station built with adjustable stroke for the best wrapping position.
    Wrapping tension is adjustable according to requirements.
    Automatic coil forwarding and lifting up the coil from conveyor before wrapping.
    Optional to have integration with coil upender machine in one line.
    With automatic packing material cutting and clamping device.
    horizontal coil wrapper packaging steel coils by composite paper and stretch film
    coil wrapping machine packing large steel coils by composite paper
    metal coil packing machine
    Technical Parameter
    Coil weight 50-5000kg
    Coil width 20-600mm
    Coil OD 800-1600mm
    Coil ID 508mm (400-600mm)
    Roller Speed 2-4m/min
    Rotating speed 20-80r/min
    Composite paper  Width:100-150mm,OD: 460mm    ID:76mm
    LLDPE/PE/PVC film Width:90-120mm    OD:100-200mm   ID:50mm
    Conveyor speed 0-9m/min
    Overlap ratio 20%~90%
    Packing speed 60-100 sec/pcs
    Power App. 4.5Kw
    Power supply 380V/50Hz/3ph
    Air supply 5~7kgf/cm2
    Optional Accessories
    Plastic tape winding fastening device
    Tape surface printable brand and logo.
    Cutting&Feeding Film
    Automatically cut off the tape and affix the label.