L bar shrink wrapping machine SW-L250

For small sized products shrink packaging. L shape bar heat sealing and package shrink by oven. Using POF film, nice feature and great touch feeling.
  • Standard machine: Yes
  • Description
    SW-L250 is a fully automatic and unmanned "L" type sealing and shrink wrapping machine, which is widely used in mass production and packaging flow operations.
    L bar shrink wrapper
    Excels in packaging of small groceries, such as toilet paper roll, cupped foods, books, cakes and cookies, phone accessories boxes........
    Servo motor used to drive the sealing and cutting blade, highly efficient and automated film feeding and punching device with manual adjustment of the film guide system and manual adjustment of the feeding and conveying platform, it is suitable for products of different widths and heights. 
    This model also has a close connection function, which is specially designed for packaging small products. When the size of the package changes, the adjustment is very Simple, no need to change mold and bag maker.
    HMI for setting re-adjusting and data input.
    Automatic feeding, length can also be adjusted automatically by the combination of electric eye and timer.
    Equipped with an induction motor to automatically take up waste.
    Using the original "Omron" digital display thermostat, built-in PID function, the sealing temperature is extremely sensitive and accurate, and can be set at will. 
    The sealing knife itself also has an automatic protection function, which effectively prevents miscut packaging, and has an automatic alarm function, which greatly improves the safety of the operator.
    According to different products, it is equipped with imported detection photoelectric, one set of horizontal and vertical detection, which is convenient to switch and choose. 
    For thin and small packaging, it can also easily complete the sealing and packaging operation.
    Rollers of conveyor are made of silicion coated rods, able to resist high temperature.
    The sealing knife adopts Teflon coating anti-sticking and high temperature resistant aluminum alloy knife, and the sealing will not crack, coke, smoke, and pollution.
    Strong wind cooling system, cool down the products instantly after heat shrinking.
    The entire machine is truly connected to the production line for automatic and human less running. The specially designed film up and down synchronization mechanism can correct film deviation.
    L bar sealer shrink wrapper machine
    L bar sealing shrink wrapping machine
    shrink oven of the L bar shrink wrapping machine
    Technical Parameter
    Sealing type L-bar heat sealing blade
    Power supply 380V/50-60Hz/3phase
    Product size Width≤200 mm, Height≤80 mm
      width+height≤250 mm, length+height≤330 mm
    Conveyor system straight conveyor
    Packing capacity 15-45 packs per minute (depends on product size)
    Film type     center-folded polyolefin(POF)film
    Max film roll dimension 380mm(width)x280mm(outer diameter)
    Power consumption     max. 12kw
    Heat tunnel conveyor chains with silicon coated rods
    Machine material carbon steel
    Weight 390kg
    Optional Accessories
    Extra conveyor belt
    Extending the length of in-feeding system
    Special in-feeding mechanism
    Consisted of pusher conveyor.... for automatic products stacking, bundle forming, in-feeding