Mechanical mold and die flipper FZ-ME

Mechanical tipper for injection mold and die turnover, mechanical upender driven by mechanical motor. Easy maintenance and durable structure. A widely used flipping machine in mould industry.
  • Standard machine: No
  • Applicable for: Injection mold, mould, casting die, BOP valve bodies
  • Description
    For injection molds, usually require a turnover during the production. Our FZ-ME series mold flippers are designed for handling this task. 
    injection mold flipper and tilter machine working with the hoist/crane together
    The machine is built with steady structure and powerful driven system. Round turnover body, takes less space while well performing with good efficiency suitable for users with limited spaces.
    The rotation is driven by motor through gear box and chain connection, more efficient transmisson and reduces power consumption.
    90 degree mold flipping machine, mechanically driving system.
    A sliding table is optional, for better unloading purpose.....
    Optional to cover the platforms with nylon boards to extend the worklife of machine and reduce scratch.
    Available to install inside a pit which below the floor level, convenient to work with pallet jack and other equipments.
    Speed controlled through the frequency inverter and extend worklife of motor.
    Automatic stop when rotation is inplace.
    Displacement restrictors adopted to guarantee a safety operation.
    Smooth, accurate, vibration-free motion.
    Easy to operate and simple maintenance needed only few times a year.
    electrical motor powered injection mold and casting die flipper machine
    mold and die flipping machine used to turnover BOP valve body
    casting die flipping machine and injection mold and mould tipper machine
    Technical Parameter
    Degree of tilting 90°
    Max load  
    FZ-ME-05 5 ton
    FZ-ME-10 10 ton
    FZ-ME-20 20 ton
    FZ-ME-30 30 ton
    Platform dimension depending on mold's dimension
    Turn over speed 50-80 sec/direction
    Operation mode button control
    Power supply 380V, 3Ph, 50/60Hz( 220V, 480V.... available to customize)