Horizontal orbital stretch wrapper for profile and bundles HM-A700

Large turning ring for wrapping big bundles, high speed ring speed increase the packing capacity. Suitable for stacked aluminum profiles and steel tubes or timber products, such as wooden posts, wooden panel and boards.
  • Customized machine applicable for: Steel sheets and steel studs
  • Description
    HM-A700 is made to help customers reduce labor costs and increase packing capacity. The machine can be suited for packing with stretch film, HDPE film, composite paper, woven belt......
    horizontal orbital wrapper for panels and boards stretch wrapping
    Automatic cutter and feeder cut the packing material and clamp for the next turn without manual help by workers.
    Different settings are adjustable for the machine to adapt to different product and cases.
    Programmable PLC is used for operation control.
    Automatic system make the machine automated, give convenience to users.
    Photoelectricity for sensoring, giving signals to the PLC program to start each motion.
    Mushroom button, one press to stop the machine when emergency happens.
    Frequency converters are adopted, not just for speed regulating but also for reducing damages to motor and stablize the power supply.
    Different materials are appliable, from stretch film to composite paper/HDPE film/knit belt.
    Adjustable tension control, make the package tight and nicer.
    Top press rollers and protective side rollers to fix the product and keep it stationary.
    Large packing range, wooden panels, doors, aluminum profiles, steel studs bundles, and tube/pipe bundles all are available.
    orbital stretch wrapper with side rollers for clamping
    film cutter of the horizontal stretch wrapping machine
    electrical cabinet of the orbital wrapper
    Technical Parameter
    Packing size L800-unlimited, W200-550mm, H250-450mm (customized)
    Max weight upon customer's requirement
    Film roll dimension  
    ID 50mm
    OD max 250mm
    Width 100-200mm
    Stretch film thickness 20-35 microns
    Speed of ring rotation 80rmp
    Overlapping rate 15-90%
    Wrapping speed 8-16m/min
    Operation mode automatic operation
    Power supply 380V, 3Ph, 50/60Hz( available to customize)
    Output 1.5kw
    conveyor belt, roller table, chain conveyor and chain board conveyor are optional, size depends on customer
    Film cutter
    Different types of film cutter for different packing material are available to choose
    Film spool
    Two film spools double the speed of wrapping