Paper pile turner machine FZ-PP

This pile turner machine is a multi functional machine for printing industry. It works for cleaning the paper stacks and aliging the pile for preparation before printing. Also exchange the pallets between wooden pallets and system pallets.
  • Standard machine: No
  • Applicable for: paper pile, paper stack, printing sheets, corrugated cardboard, cartons
  • Description
    The raw material in the paper printing plants come with dust and loaded on wooden pallets. We need to change it to system pallets to match with the printing machine and remove the impurities to improve the printing quality also to extend the service life of the printing machines. FZ-PP pile turner performs many different jobs for printing of paper industry, both before the printing and after printing. All the steps all have the application of this machine.
    paper pile turning machine-min
    Turn over the big stacks of paper and sheets for double sides printing.
    Cleaning the paper and sheets by air blowing before printing.
    Dry the ink in vertical position after printing to avoid layers sticked together.
    Exchange pallets between wooden pallets and system pallets easily.
    High performance and controlled by PLC program.
    Turn over paper pile and available to rotate.
    Easy to exchange the pallets between wooden pallets and system pallets.
    Give convenience to the workers to remove the damaged paper and sheets.
    Remove the impurity by air blowing, clean paper and sheets improve the printing quality and extend the service life of printing machine.
    Aligning the paper pile with the turn over, air blowing and jogging.
    Centering the paper pile at the middle of pallet, better for printing.
    Up-ending the whole paper stack for double sides printing, more efficient than manual flipping.
    Good to scatter the laminated sheets and corrugated cardboard and cartons.
    Suitable to apply to different pallets with variant sizes.
    paper pile turner machine-min
    pile turner for blowing paper stack-min
    paper stack turning and cleaning machine-min
    Technical Parameter
    paper pile dimension 560mm*360mm-1700mm*1200mm
    Jaw opening  760mm-1920mm
    Max load  
    FZ-PP-12 1200kg
    FZ-PP-14 1400kg
    FZ-PP-25 2500kg
    Power supply 380V 50Hz 3Ph ( other voltage are available)
    Power output 9-17kw
    Net weight 2800kg-4500kg
    Dimension  2370*2090*2100mm-3170*2550*2400mm
    Optional Accessories
    Remote controller
    for remote controlling the machine instead on the control panel, more easy operation.
    Static removal
    Air with ionized air reduces the electrostatic charge which may affect the finishing process of coated and printed paper or plastic foil.