Plate protective film cold laminating machine HM-LM

For laminating the wooden, PVC and WPC door/ panel and boards as well as various metal sheets and plates such as stainless, copper, aluminum with a layer of protective film on the surface by roller pressing to avoid scratch or stain and rust.
  • Customized machine applicable for: Stainless steel sheets, plates, wooden board, panel, PVC and WPC doors
  • Description
    Used to coat flat metal plates and sheets including aluminum, copper, stainless steel, etc.., glass, MDF plates, wood board and other materials.The laminating machines are designed to cover with a plastic film on a finished surface in order to protect it from dust, scratches and damages that can occur during handling and forming operations.
    copper plates protective film laminating machine-min
    Independent control cabinet, touch screen(optional), extremely simple operation, manual and automatic switching at will, flexible and convenient.
    The frame is welded by the national standard 125×125H steel.
    Double sides film laminating, both the upper and lower sides are doing protective film laminating simultaneously.
    Optional to have programmable PLC, controller and infrared sensor accurately control the servo motor with planetary reducer and pneumatic components to automatically complete a series of actions such as position detection, feeding, filming, and cutting of the sheet. Make the mechanical operation more humane.
    All parts of the machinery adopt the products of famous and excellent manufacturers.
    The equipment is suitable for single-sided and double-layer film laminating of the sheet, and it can be automatically cut.
    After the machine is loaded, the distance between the two materials is automatically adjusted.
    Cutting device, adjustable speed, easy blade replacement.
    Precise induction, cutting accuracy of ±1mm.
    One machine is applicable to all product sizes under the machine's limitation.
    Intelligent control system,interactive man-machine interface.
    Reverse function before and after laminating.
    Low noise operation, high sensitivity.
    A great alternative for packaging gloss panel, plates instead of using orbital stretch wrapper.
    Can work in cold and low temperature conditions.
    PVC WPC door panel protective film laminating machine-min
    door panel and boards and plates protective film cold laminating machine
    wooden and metal board and panel  protective film roller press laminating machine
    Technical Parameter
    Applicable width up to 2000mm ( available to customize)
    Applicable thickness up to 100mm (available to customize)
    Length unlimited 
    Max load 500kg (available to customize) 
    Rubber roller OD 135mm
    Number of pressing rollers 2/6 pcs
    Roller height adjustable
    Laminating speed  5-20 m/min
    Operation mode Manual /automatic 
    Power supply 380V, 3Ph, 50/60Hz ( available to customize)
    Compressed air supply 3-8kgf/cm²
    Output 1.5kw
    Packing dimension L4620mm*W2230mm*H1500mm
    Gross weight app 1200kg
    Optional Accessories
    Roller conveyor 
    for integration with the production line
    Upgrade to automatic working mode
    for automatic feeding and laminating, film cutting...