Carton strapping machine KZ-CS8060

This model of carton strapping machine could be both semi-auto and automatic according to the customer's needs. Multiple control modes and various arch dimensions make it versatile and practical.
It's optional to choose this KZ-CS8060 as a semi-auto strapping machine, controlled by manual buttons or foot switch. Or use this machine to strap automatically with automatic control system and sensors of weight detecting or photoelectricity.
inline carton strapping machine with carton sealer-min
Automatic strapping machine for PP strapping material, automatic strap feeding system.
Tough and compact construction with a small footprint, mobile, with large table area and high capacity strap reel.
Simple, safe and user-friendly operation, automatic strap end detection.
Strap tension adjustable from soft to high, electronic heater temperature control.
Automatic unmanned strapping machine is mainly suitable for strapping and packing of cartons, calcium-plastic case, soft and package as well as all kinds of articles in square, cylindrical..
Economical strapping machine to suit all applications and all budgets..
Adopt high-quality internal components to ensure that the machine can work continuously and stable.
Stainless steel working table and spherical sensory switch make the packing faster and easiser, improve working efficiency.
Automatic / manual / continuous packing, multiple options, high practicality.
The design of three built-in motors improves the packing speed and makes the machine more stable.
Adopt high-quality welding head, with high temperature resistance,more durable than traditional welding head, widened and reinforced welding head makes the deviation of bonding position smaller.
carton strapping machine-01
carton strapping machine-02
carton strapping machine-03
Technical Parameter
Working height 750mm(Available to customize)
Strapping speed 2.5 seconds/strap
Max load 80kg
Strap belt reel dimension  
ID 200-210mm
OD 400-500mm
Width 160-180mm
Arch Width:800mm * Height:600mm (able to customize)
Operation mode Button/ foot switch/ weight sensoring/ photoelectricity
Strap belt type PP belt
Strap belt dimension Width:9-15(±1)mm, thickness: 0.55-1.0(±0.1)mm
Strap tension 0-80kg
Power supply 220V 50/60Hz 1.0kw
Machine overall size  L:1400mm* W628mm* H1418mm
Gross weight 150kg
Optional Accessories
Roller conveyor
For inline automatic strapping with in-feeding and out-feeding system
Lower platform
Lower working heights to adapt to specific solutions and layout
Upgrade the control system from PC controller to PLC system for automatic inline strapping