Reel strapping machine KZ-RS

This machine has the arch which is able to open and close, designed to strap reel products like hose coils, cable rolls and wires through the eye.
The arch of model KZ-RS open and close vertically to apply consis-tent, high-strength seal joints on the side of a variety of coil products. Electrical wires, PVC hose and belts are just a few of the many products KZ-RS can handle.
roll strapping machine-min
Automatic PP belt strapping with the hot-adhering position at the side of the reels.
Tough and compact construction with a small footprint, for large and tall cartons strapping.
Simple, safe and user-friendly operation, automatic strap end detection.
Strap tension adjustable from soft to high, electronic heater temperature control.
Automatic unmanned strapping machine is mainly suitable for strapping and packing of reels like hose coils, cable wire rolls....
Economical strapping machine to suit all applications and all budgets..
Adopt high-quality internal components to ensure that the machine can work continuously and stable.

Automatically positioning and rotation, automatic average distance distribution, automatically take out and pushing make the packing faster and easiser, improve working efficiency.

Machine comes with foot switch and emergency switch.
Programme of touch screen / PLC can record to customer.
Adopt high-quality welding head, with high temperature resistance,more durable than traditional welding head, widened and reinforced welding head makes the deviation of bonding position smaller.
Coil strapping machine-min
hose coil strapping machine-01-min
roll and coil strapping machine-min
Technical Parameter
Working height 450mm(Available to customize)
Strapping speed 2 reels/minute (4 straps per reel)
Max load 50kg   (able to customize)
Strap belt reel dimension  
ID 200-210mm
OD 400-500mm
Width 160-180mm
Arch Width:150mm * Height:800mm (available to customize)
Operation mode automatic / foot switch
Strap belt type PP belt
Strap belt dimension Width:12-15(±1)mm, thickness: 0.55-1.0(±0.1)mm
Strap tension 0-80kg
Power supply 380V 50/60Hz 3Ph  1.0Kw
Machine overall size  L:1985mm* W700mm* H2030mm
Gross weight 240kg