Rock wool insulation board shrink wrap packer SW-S1800

Rock wool insulation board shrink wrap packer machine is specially used for packaging external wall insulation board, foamed cement insulation board, Class A non-combustible board, rock wool board, refractory, brick, perlite insulation or phenolic board.
  • Standard machine: No
  • Description
    PE film automatic bundle forming, the rock wool board shrink wrap packer machine is suitable for bottomless heat shrink packaging of various products and material. It is used with constant temperature PE shrinking machine to make the items with perfectly packaging effect. From products input to export packaging, unmanned operation and fully automated production are realized.
    thermal insulation board shrink packaging machine-min
    Rock wool board packaging machine is an automatic sleeve shrink wrap packer with lengthened cutter, lengthened cylinder, and working platform with roller;
    The rock wool board shrink wrap packer machine adopts the unique and best designed linear feeding method;
    This machine is made by introducing foreign advanced technology and craftsmanship, and the equipment performance is stable and reliable.
    The machine adopts linear feeding, and the length of the packaging is not limited.
    Compared with the ordinary side-feeding machine, the rock wool insulation board automatic packaging machine has the advantages of speed and connection.
    Equipped with pressure device makes sure the position is stable even for the light product during the procession.
    The specially designed sealing knife is adopted, the sealing line is firm, does not crack, and is not easy to stick to the knife.
    Imported photoelectric, accurate positioning.
    Imported original conveyor belt, durable, and increase the frequency converter to control the transmission speed of the belt.
    Humanized design of the control box, convenient for the operation of the operator.
    Three sets of level detection photoelectric, which can be aimed at different products.
    When sealing and cutting, the back end is equipped with a material pressing device, and it will not shift for lightly packed items.
    According to the packaging requirements of the product, a longitudinal double sealing and cutting system can be installed to make a fully enclosed PE heat shrinkable package.
    Adopts imported dual air transport motors to make the hot air spread evenly in the furnace cavity, and the effect after shrinking is more beautiful.
    The adjustable hot air diversion circulation structure in the furnace cavity makes the equipment more energy-saving.
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    rock wool board shrink wrapping machine-01-min
    thermal insulation board shrink wrap packer machine-01-min
    Technical Parameter
    Sealing type sleeve sealing and shrinking
    Power supply 380V/50-60Hz/3phase (440V/480V are available)
    Product size 1500(L) x 800(W) x 600(H)mm
    Packing capacity upon product's width
    Film type single layer PE film, POF film
    Max film roll dimension 1800mm(width) x 280mm(outer diameter)
    Power consumption 35kw
    Heat tunnel conveyor chains with silicon coated rods
    Air pressure ≤0.5MPa
    Sealing system Special durable alloyed sealing knife with anti-stick Teflon coats
    Weight 1350kg
    Optional Accessories
    Centralizing plates
    for keeping the products centered, make the best package