Self propelled pallet wrapper robot TP-R600-X

The new model of self-propelled pallet stretch wrapping robot. Upgraded configuration with powerful functions and larger stretch wrapping range for more and variant pallet loads.
  • Standard machine: Yes
  • Machine in stock: No
  • Description
    An automatic self propelled pallet wrapper robot suitable for the container transportation of bulk cargo and the packing of bulk pallet. Powered by battery, available to work in workshops with inconvenient electricity connection.
    self propelled pallet wrapper-min
    This machine has less restriction on pallet dimension, favourable of customers who have various sized goods, self driving and detection enhancing the capability of cargo handling.
    Improving the efficiency of logistics, reduce the loss in transportation, advantages of dustproof, moisture proof, reduce packing cost and so on.....
    Self-propelled, automatic detection and PLC program.
    HMI and buttons for operation convenience.
    Sensing arm wheel for guiding the direction.
    Safety bumper stops machine in case collision happens.
    Different pre-stretch ratio, easily changed through handle.
    Different modes of wrapping optional to choose.
    Two batteries installed, saves more electricity machine runs for longer time.
    Steering arm convenient to use for manual operation.
    robotic pallet wrapper machine-min
    self propelled pallet wrapper machine-min
    robotic pallet stretch wrapper-min
    Technical Parameter
    Battery 110Ah(12V) x2 pcs
    Pallet height 400-2400mm/2800mm
    Pallet weight Min 50kg-unlimited
    Pallet size Min 600x600mm-unlimited
    Power supply 110V/220V 50Hhz/60hz 1Phase
    Control PLC program, automatic/manual
    Film carriage Pre-stretch 300%/230% (250%/200% optional)
    Charging time 10-12 hours
    Running speed 90m/minute 1-16r/min
    Overall size L1.906m * W1.225m * H2.943m
    Net weight 430 kg