Shovel wrapping machine

The ideal packaging solution for wrapping multi shovels together as one bundle by stretch film. Convenient to operate and make more neat and nice wrapping packaging for the lumpy objects.
  • Customized machine applicable for: Shovels, bundles, rods......
  • Description
    Customized packaging solution for wrapping shovels and other products with lumpy shapes. Using LLDPE stretch film as the packaging material, automatic stretch wrapping by PLC program control. C shape rotating ring is adopted to allow the wrapping objects to get in.
    shovel wrapping packaging machine-min
    Fast bundling speed of the shovels, making 5 or more pcs bind together.
    Photoelectricity sensor detects the product and send the signal to PLC, partial wrapping is able to set for strapping bundles by stretch wrapping at few positions.

    Automatic returning of the rotating ring to the initial position once the wrapping is finished.
    PLC control system allows different settings and program.
    HMI and buttons on control panel, convenient for operator to control machine and adjust settings.
    Machine starts wrapping automatically when photocell detects the products, automatic film clamping and cutting when wrapping is finished.
    Mushroom button, one press to stop the machine when emergency happens.
    Ring speed and conveyor speed adjustable through frequency converter.
    Film spool suitable for different materials, stretch film is suggested.
    Adjustable tension control, make tighter package.
    Customized fixture is available to keep the wrapping objects stay stationary during the wrapping.
    Technical Parameter
    Packing size Customize according to needs
    Max weight upon customer's requirement
    Film roll dimension  
    ID 50mm
    OD max 250mm
    Width 100-200mm
    Stretch film thickness 20-35 microns
    Speed of ring rotation 80-100rmp
    Overlapping rate 15-90%
    Capacity 30 bundles/hour
    Operation mode automatic operation
    Power supply 380V, 3Ph, 50/60Hz( available to customize)
    Output 2.5kw