Steel Coil Wrapping Machine EM-S800-T

EM-S800-T Steel Coil wrapping machine, with auto moveable wrapping station or moveable bottom coil car for steel/wire coil auto loading and unloading.
  • Customized machine applicable for: Steel coil, Wire coil, Core
  • Description
    EM-S800-T Steel Coil wrapping machine, full-auto wrapping packaging machine for steel/wire coils, with auto moveable wrapping station or moveable bottom coil car for steel/wire coil for loading and unloading.
    steel coil wrapping machine with trolley-01-min
    This machine design for with heavy weight steel coil or big size coil wrapping, such as Cable Coil,Copper Coil, Wire coil etc..
    Be suitable for many different materials such as stretch film, PE/PVC/HDPE film, paper, wovenn belt etc.
    Machine can be achieved full-auto without any manual operations during wrapping packing.

    Our team can customize machine size per your coil size range for coil wrapping packing.
    Well-known brands for main components for excellent collections.
     Simens PLC problem operations.
    Packing tension can be adjustable per requirements.
    Different packing materials can be changed per needs.
    Up and down supporting rollers are available adjustable.
    With moveable bottom coil tralley for coil auto loading&unloading.
    Separate electrical box for safe operation and technical testing and trouble-shooting.
    Motor overload protection.
    Guardrails for loading and unloading safety.
    Ring speed and roller speed can be adjustable by convertor.
    Two packing materials can wrapping at the same time on this machine per your need.
    heavy steel coil packing machine
    metal roll wrapping packing machine
    steel coil wrapping machine with trolley-02
    Technical Parameter
    Steel Coil weight 1000-3000kg
    Steel Coil width 600-800mm
    Steel Coil OD 800-1200mm
    Steel Coil ID 508mm / 610mm
    Roller Speed 2-4m/min
    Rotating speed 40-90r/min
    Crape/VCI paper /KNIT BELT  Width:100mm    OD:500mm    ID:75mm
    LLDPE/PE/PVC film Width:100mm    OD:200mm   ID:50mm
    Ring speed  40-90 R/min
    Overlap rate 20%~90%
    Packing speed 45-60 sec/pcs
    Power App. 8.5Kw
    Power supply 380V,50Hz/3ph
    Air supply 6~8kgf/cm2
    Optional Accessories
    Plastic tape winding fastening device
    Tape surface printable brand and logo
    Automatic cutting of plastic tape device
    Automatically cut off the tape and affix the label.
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