Steel sheet bundle downender for sale FZ-BS

This machine is used to flip bundles of steel sheets 180 degrees, up-ending the products to do polishing and other treatment efficiently.
  • Standard machine: No
  • Applicable for: Steel sheet bundles, glass panels, solar panels
  • Description
    Steel sheets usually have certain treatment such as polishing and drawing which require to be making on both sides. Also, the stainless steel sheets may need PE protective film wrapping on both sides. So, this steel sheet downender machine will do great help to the manufacturers.
    up-ending machine for steel sheet bundle-min
    Round rotation body easy to bear heavy loads and turn over the large bundle of steel sheets with less energy costs.
    Upper clamp driven by hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders downwards to fix the pallet and goods.
    The rotation driven by electrical motor through gear box and chain connection. 
    180 degree bundle flipping, up-ending multi layers of steel sheets at once.
    Top clamp for clamping the steel sheet bundle, keeping the goods stationary during rotation.
    Clamp can be driven by hydraulic cylinder or pneumatic cylinder, keep it stationary during rotation.
    Sensor is optional to add for automatic stop of clamping.
    Optional to add roller table for automatic in-feeding and out-feeding.
    Supportive rollers adopted for bearing the heavy load.
    Automatic stop when the bundle flipping is inplace.
    Smooth, accurate, vibration-free motion.
    Minimum control panel with only few buttons, clear and simple.
    Operation is simple, non-professionals are able to manage, no need for training.
    Strong structure makes the machine very durable.
    upender and tilter for turning steel sheet bundles
    steel sheet bundle flipper machine
    steel sheet bundle downender machine and inverter machine
    Technical Parameter
    Degree of tilting 180°
    Bundle dimension  L2200mm * W1500 * H800mm (customization is provided)
    Clamping range 400-1000mm (customization is provided)
    Max load  
    FZ-BS-03 3T
    FZ-BS-05 5T
    FZ-BS-10 10T
    Platform dimension depending on product's dimension
    Turn over speed 40-60 sec/direction
    Operation mode button control
    Power supply 380V, 3Ph, 50/60Hz( 220V, 480V.... available to customize)
    Optional Accessories
    Roller table
    for automatic pallet in-feeding and out-feeding
    Rotating base
    for forklift loading and unloading at same side