Turntable conveyor

The turntable conveyor is not just an important part for the online pallet stretch wrapping machine. It also can be applied to automatic packing line, automatic turnover line for changing the forwarding direction.
The turntable conveyor design to have both functions of rotation and conveying, used as a part of the online pallet stretch wrapping machine. It bears heavy loaded pallets up to 2 tons and rotate with a speed at 15 rpm. It's also applicable to other packing line and turnover lines for deliver the goods and pallets as well as changing directions.
turntable conveyor system
A perfect combination of roller conveyor and rotating station.
Reinforced structure to bear heavy loads up to 2 tons.
Deliver pallet and skid loads and changing the forwarding direction.
Built into large automatic packing lines, to bring flexibility to the layout of the machines. Enable to best turnkey solution to help the users.
Reinforced structure to bear heavy loads.
Integrated design to perform both conveying and rotation at one machine.
Reliable operation, low noise and safety.
0-360 degree turning, flexible to start and stop at any angles.
Photocell electricity to detect the incoming pallets to realize the unmanned operation.
Both speed of rotation and forwarding are adjustable to match with the integrated machines.
Transmission system through gear box and chain, sufficient and reliable.
Available to integrate with different machinery including pallet stretch wrapper, pallet and skid strapper, pallet flipping and changing machine.
turntable conveyor system-01
turntable conveyor system-02
turntable conveyor system-03
Technical Parameter
Diameter 2000mm
Conveyor Width 1300mm ( able to customized )
Conveyor Length 1500mm ( able to customized )
Loading height 500mm ( able to customized )
Max load  2000kg
Conveying speed 1-12m/min
Rotating speed 0-15 rpm
Applicable machine Pallet stretch wrapper, pallet strapper, pallet inverter and pallet changer
Working mode automatic / button control
Output 1.5 Kw.......