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CPVC and Water pipe reel wrapping packaging machine

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Update time : 2018-04-17 22:49:00

CPVC materials are resistant to the corrosive effects of many everyday chemicals, but it materials cannot be burned. They cannot be burned without an external fuel source.This characteristic makes the pipe also an attractive alternative to steel and copper pipe sprinklers for use in fire fighting systems.CPVC and Water pipe coil packing machine with stretch wrapper in horizontal machine design from eman team.
hose coil packing machine
The Fire Sprinkler System meets a variety of relevant standards and has been approved for use in mildly hazardous single - and multi-family residential fire backup equipment.
hose pipe packing machine
CPVC pipeline is installed in the return air static pressure box is safe and reliable;Of course, the installation must be approved by the local administration before it can be carried out.Full-auto wrapping packing for hose pipe coil in vertical and horizontal. It is a combustible material by default, but it will not burn easily if there is no obvious external source of ignition. Pipes cannot continue to burn as long as the source of fire is removed.

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