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Heavy big copper coil plates packaging with stretch wrapper

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Author : wrapping packager
Update time : 2018-02-18 21:54:00
Eman team develop and produce copper rod coil wrapping machine for big size more advanced full-featured coil packaging machine series to meet customers' packaging requirements for products of all sizes.A typical example is the newly developed fully automatic large copper roll size packaging, which takes advantage of the fully automatic loading and unloading capability to improve packaging efficiency.Our machines have been successful in improving the key performance such as packaging strength, packaging surface finish, packaging speed, etc., and have won a high reputation in the packaging industry worldwide.With the increasing reliance on automatic packaging requirements, they not only meet customers' high-level requirements in the packaging industry, but also meet customers' high demand for product storage.
copper rod coil wrapping packing machine
Adopting advanced program control technology, we produce a series of packaging models with excellent performance, including machine life, packaging strength, fatigue resistance and machine maintenance.Our super high strength automatic two packing station, with world - class advanced design concept.Our technical team and sales team will continue to provide satisfactory service to customers all over the world for steel wire copper coil roll wrappng packing machine..

Our packaging products are used in advanced copper coil aluminum coil steel coil and other related products market.The use of precision mechanical design technology, the use of the team's comprehensive strength, design, production, commissioning and so on the full integration of procedures.In order to meet customers' higher packaging requirements, in addition to improving the existing semi-automatic models, we have also improved the various performance of packaging machines through our program adjustment.
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