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Coil downender machine for smooth turnover of heavy objects

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Author : Upender
Update time : 2021-04-19 22:42:35
The coil downender machine includes a base and a turnover body ( craddle ) connected by a turning hinge. The coil downender machine is connected to the base through the turning hinge. Rollers are arranged on both sides of the coil downender machine, connected with the base, which makes it easy to bear heavy loads and carry the goods at any angle. Flip, or attach to the conveyor line, use multi-speed control, and travel switch, turn the goods at any angle and move to the next assembly line; Realize the upright process of goods transportation, without manual and crane and other high transportation characteristics. The structure of coil downender is simple, the cost is low, and the work efficiency is high.

This machine can adapt to the turnover requirements of different specifications of goods, and realize the goal of converting the horizontal type to the vertical type or the vertical type to the horizontal type. It is widely used in metallurgy, mold, papermaking, cold storage and other industries.

There are some main features:

1. Robust and sturdy body design. easy to operate.
2. Double sprocket drive, helical gear-worm gear reducer.
3. Four supporting wheel mechanism, outsourcing polyurethane.
4. Frequency conversion multi-speed control, stable and fast.
5. Mechanical turnover system, four support mechanism to ensure the smooth operation of the equipment.
6. Multiple limit protection, accurate determination.
7. The motor is equipped with parking brake, self-locking function when power off, it can stop at any position, and the flip body is locked in place.
8. It can be equipped with an external independent console and wireless remote control, remote operation, convenient and convenient.