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Coil stretch wrapping machine for hose/pipe/steel/wire/copper/cable coil

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Author : wrapping packager
Update time : 2017-11-25 23:45:00
With the rapid development of industrial technology, there are more and more kinds of different coil packaging machine models, and in order to enhance product's strength, the design of packaging machines also becomes changeable and with more complete functions.

Hose / pipe coil wrapping packing machine, can be in both vertical and horizontal direction, wrapping speed upto 20 second per coil. Steel coil wrapping machine and  cable coil, copper coil through coil eye, packaged with perfect effect.
All different machine models were designed with the most advanced technology, machine can achieve full-auto wrapping packing for different specification of tire, bearing and wire coil stretch wrapper machine etc...
Machine main parts all from world famous brand to ensure machine with high quality. All spare parts can be found easily in different cities all over the world.
Warranty period of one year, if needed, free machine parts can be sent to you soon by express within one year in warranty period.

EMAN team always insists on providing the most satisfactory packaging solutions and machine models to different customers from all over the world.
More machine details, please visit our website and contact us in time.