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Development of plastic pipe production and packaging

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Author : PVC pipe maker
Update time : 2021-08-30 22:18:41
With the continuous improvement of the technology of plastic pipes production, the plastic pipe industry can continue to develop healthily and create more value. At present, plastic pipe products have been applied in many areas, such as gas transportation, pipe irrigation, home improvement and building materials, municipal drainage systems, etc., and the demand is increasing. The traditional manual-based production method can no longer meet the rapid growth of plastic pipes. The automated production technology of plastic pipes can solve the current increasing demand for production capacity, and more effectively guarantee product quality, while creating more economic benefits. Large-scale application by enterprises.

Automated production of plastic pipes can not only meet the increasing demand for output, but also make the quality of the produced products more secure. The use of automation technology has many advantages. For example, the automatic feeding system has been fully introduced in the production of plastic pipes, which has completely changed the era of manual mixing and feeding, and can more accurately control the deviation of the mixing process: Automatic detection of pipe outer diameter and The wall thickness system realizes automatic inspection and alarm functions to prevent the occurrence of defective products; Automatic packaging of pipe and pipe fittings equipment, free more labor, and realizing one person to take care of multiple equipment; The automatic pipe reducing system reduces the number of conversion products, which takes time to dismantle the mold and reduces the scrap rate. The application of a series of other automation technologies has fundamentally changed the traditional production mode, which is a major improvement in productivity. The use of automatic production technology of plastic pipes in production can greatly reduce costs and obtain greater profits, which is one of the core elements of future enterprise survival and development.

As far as plastic pipe extrusion production is concerned, the industry has undergone rapid development in the past ten years. The main body of the extrusion production line, namely: screw extrusion-cooling forming-simultaneous traction-fixed-length cutting and other processes, has been automated much further, but the downstream packaging is still in the state of offline semi-automatic or fully manual packaging operations. This phenomenon is common in both China and abroad. In the production of plastic pipes, the packaging process is the most labor-intensive and labor-consuming part.
PVC pipe bundle forming and strapping by stretch wrapping
In the production of plastic pipes, since the packaging of plastic pipes is the most labor-intensive part, after so many years of development, why is the degree of automation still progressing slowly? The main reasons are as follows:

1. Diversification of tube packaging:
For example, for pipes of different diameters, the packaging forms are different. Large-caliber pipes do not need to be bundled, and only need to be packaged individually; While small-caliber pipes, such as pipes with a diameter of 16-32 mm, need to be bundled in a certain number before bagging.

2. There is no uniform packaging quantity standard:
Even for similar small-caliber plastic pipes on the market, different manufacturers have different packaging quantities per bundle. Moreover, even if the same manufacturer's different specifications of small-caliber pipes, the size of the packaging bags is also diverse.

3. Complex structure of pipe packaging equipment:
The packaging process of plastic pipes is the last process of pipe production. The factors of labor intensity are removed, and the reliance on equipment is minimal. Screw extrusion, cooling forming, synchronous traction, fixed-length cutting and other processes before packaging are indispensable. However, the packaging process can be completely replaced by manpower. At the same time, compared with the entire extrusion production line equipment, the design and mechanical structure of the packaging equipment are the most complicated. These reasons are also important factors that restrict the automation of pipeline packaging.

4. Restrictions on the existing packaging site:
Plastic pipe extrusion has been developed for many years, so many manufacturers’ existing plants have basically not considered the automated packaging site for the final packaging process. Due to site constraints, the design of the packaging machine must also be adapted to local conditions, which also brings certain design difficulties to tube packaging.

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