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Five advantages of choosing a rotary arm pallet wrapping machine

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Author : Pallet wrapper
Update time : 2021-08-01 23:45:23
rotary arm pallet stretch wrapping machine
With the increasing requirements for pallet packaging, the upgrading of pallet wrapping machinery has become more and more obvious in recent years. In the case that the traditional pallet wrapping machine is gradually unable to meet the needs of customers, the new rotary arm pallet wrapping machine became popular. The specific advantages are as follows:

rotary arm pallet stretch wrapper machine
1. The speed is faster. The rotating speed of the rotary arm pallet wrapping machine can be divided into three levels: 15rpm, 25rpm, and 35rpm/min, and the packaging efficiency can reach 70 pallets/hour. It's capacity can meet the requirements of daily chemical, food, beverage, chemical fiber, brick making, etc.... industries.

2. Safety. First, the safety protection of the goods; everyone knows that the ordinary pallet wrapping machine is making the goods rotate on the turntable, and the rotation and stopping of the pallet affect the stability of the pallet body, loose stacking occurs from time to time. Due to the packaging method is different, this kind of situation will not happen to the rotary arm pallet wrapping machine. Second, the operation is safe; the rotary arm is on the inside of the rack, as a protection, the rotary arm is equipped with an anti-collision belt and an emergency power-off eye. In order to ensure safety, we have added a Set up a fence and set up a net door at the entrance and exit to give the electric eye signal. This ensures the safe operation of the whole machine.

3. Stability and durability. The equipment is welded with a rigid structure with a thickness of 10mm. The whole machine is mainly divided into four modules: the frame, the arm, the upper film breaking mechanism and the continuous control system. The structure is relatively simple and positive. Because of its simplicity, its stability and durability are much better than ordinary machines.

4. Usability. The use of rotary arm pallet wrapping machines does not need to consider the total amount of pallets, while ordinary pallet machines carrying objects of more than two tons will obviously feel "difficult". This is because ordinary machine's turntables are supported by 6-9 nylon rollers. Nylon rollers are consumables, and carrying heavy objects will significantly reduce their service life. If you use a rotary arm pallet wrapping machine, the pallet is placed on the ground without any support, so the rotary arm pallet wrapping machine can be used with any weight of the pallet loads.

5. Customizable, the rotary arm pallet wrapping machine has a wide range of applications. It can pack all kinds of pallets, such as 2M*2M pallets. The diameter of ordinary pallet wrapper turntables like this should be 3M, because there is no this wide steel plate, the turntable can only find two or more steel plates to be spliced, which requires high technique and is also a test for bearing capacity. But the rotary arm pallet wrapping machine can solve this problem very well. The suspension is made of a steel frame, and it is easier to adjust the size of the steel frame than the pallet wrapping machine. In other words, the performance of the non-standard totary arm pallet wrapping machine is more guaranteed than the non-standard turntable pallet wrapper machine.