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How much do you know about pallet stretch hood machine?

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Update time : 2021-07-22 23:09:28
pallet stretch hood film packaging machine
The pallet stretch hood machine is also called cold shrinking machine or cold pallet packaging machine. It stretches the plastic stretch film through a complex mechanical device at room temperature, and is suitable for post-processing of goods stacked on pallets and assembly lines. Road transport packaging, storage packaging. The equipment is equipped with a heat sealing and cutting device to seal and cut one end of the cylindrical film. The four corners are equipped with film collecting devices which is called the stretch hooders. The film is collected on the film collecting device first. When the pallet goods are approached, the film is placed up and down on the cargo. The entire packaging process is fast.
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Compared with the traditional pallet stretch wrapping packaging and heat shrink wrapping machine, its advantages are small footprint, low raw material consumption, low energy consumption, especially for the packaging of chemical, electronic and electrical products that have a high impact on temperature changes. The advantages of quality and storage period, the packaging surface is smooth and compact, and has a good visual effect. It has the advantages of dustproof, moisture-proof, and reduced packaging costs, which will increase the advertising effect of your products.
stretch hood packaging pallet loads   Stretch hood pallet packaging machine packing pallet and skids

But it also has some drawbacks, including high requirements for packaging film materials and high prices. The design of machinery and equipment is complicated, the occurrence rate of failure is high, the maintenance is difficult, and the maintenance cost is high. The overall cost of the equipment is high and there are very few manufacturers.

Machine performance of pallet stretch hood machine:
◆The control system is PLC, man-machine interface;
◆Chinese and English logos on the control panel, easy to operate;
◆Equipped with multiple sets of film mechanism, convenient for different specifications of packaging, automatic switching;
◆Simple design structure, convenient film installation,
◆The photoelectric system is sensitive and has a high degree of automation;
◆The overload protection is safe and reliable, and the maintenance is simple.