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The packaging solutions for tires

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Author : Coil wrapper
Update time : 2021-07-14 00:38:13
With the development of commodity economy, packaging has become more and more important for products, tire packaging has no exception, and tire packaging has its particularity, because tires include inner tubes and outer tubes, and their packaging methods are completely Different, our following article will introduce to you with the various solutions for tire packaging.

First of all, let’s talk about tires. There are generally three ways to pack tires: strapping, shrinking and winding wrapping. But generally in the process of use, the two methods of strapping and shrinking are basically used in conjunction. The so-called strapping is to drop multiple tires together and fix them together with a baler. This method is called strapping. However, strapping does not protect the surface of the tire, so many manufacturers will choose to pack the tire again in a heat-shrinkable packaging method.

The wrapping method is relatively good for the protection of tires. It can wrap the tire products with a round of packing material by winding through the core of the tires, but this packaging method is only suitable for the packaging of a single tire. The tire wrapping machine can be both semi-automatic and fully automatic online to the specific needs of the users.

After talking about the tire, let’s talk about the inner tube. Compared with the outer tube, the packaging method of the inner tube is very simple, because the inner tube does not need to consider so many factors. It only needs to be smaller when packed in a carton to facilitate more products. Yes, but one thing needs to be emphasized is that the strapping consumables must be soft and will not harm the inner tube. Therefore, the strapping method used here cannot be the same as the outer tube, and it must be made of nylon material which is soft and gentle to the inner tube.