Bearing Wrapping Machine EMBL-600

Full-auto bearing wrapping packing machine in horizontal type, with auto conveyor for bearing transport onto machine. Upender can be connected to wrapping machine for online using packing, Auto turn over 90 degree for eye wrapping...
EMBL-600 is full-Automatic Bearing packaging machine, equipped with 2 auto roller conveyors on both sides of wrapping machine for bearing auto infeeding and outing.
bearing steel coil online packing
Different packing material can be chosen,such as paper/woven/PE/stretch film...
 Auto packing material cutting & feeding system on the machine to achieve full-auto model..
Auto bearing centering and positioning system to ensure wrapping packing effect...
In-feeding & out-feeding power conveyors for infeeding and outing.
Adopt Simens PLC for control pannel.
All machine details displayed in English.
Manual and automatic two working modes.
20%-90% overlap can be adjustable.
With indicator alarms automatically occurs system.
Automatic forward and backward for bearing positioning.
Wrapping tension is adjustable according to requirements.
Auto lifting up the bearing from conveyor for positioning and wrapping.
Ring speed and roller speed can be adjustable by convertor.
With auto packing material cutting and clamping device.
horizontal type bearing packing machine
bearing wrapping packing machine
bearing packaging machine
Technical Parameter
Bearing Height(W) 20~160mm
Bearing outer         diameter(OD) 300-600mm
Bearing inner diameter(ID) 150-300mm
OD-ID ≦ 300mm
Bearing weight 200kg(max)
Packing material:  
Compound paper  Width:90mm,OD:300-500mm    ID:75mm
LLDPE/PE/PVC film Width:90mm    OD:100-180mm   ID:50mm
Ring speed  110 R/min
Overlap rate 20%~90%
Packing speed 20-25 sec/pcs
Power App. 2.2Kw
Power supply 380V,50Hz/3ph
Air supply 6~8kgf/cm2


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