Carpet roll shrink wrapping machine SW-CP1800

This machine is specified to pack carpet rolls and roll related products. Sleeve sealing and shrink wrapping for making good package for the products with good tension.
  • Standard machine: No
  • Description
    Designed for packing roll related products such as carpet rolls and roll of roofing material, thermal sealing and shrink wrapping with two ends exposed for evaporating the remained moisture.......
    Carpet roll sleeve sealing shrink wrapping machine
    Heat sealing blade coated by Teflon, no sticking with the film. The sealed package is tough to against crash and abrasion, no failure and leaking.
    Roller table for rolls in-feeding, automatic pusher to complete the film applying and sealing.
    The machine has PLC program and sensors are adopted for detecting the products. Special mechanism can be included for aligning and centralizing the products. 
    PLC program for machine control, both manual and automatic operation are optional.
    Roller table for rolls in-feeding, available to connect with production line.
    Applying film on the product before shrinking by heat tunnel.
    Pusher driven by pneumatic cylinder for product in-feeding.
    Heating sealing and cutting system with constant temperature for various industrial standard shrink films such as PE/POF. 
    Transverse heat sealing blade for cutting and welding the two layers of film together effectively.
    Without replacement, very simple operation for maintenance.
    Photoelectricity sensor used for detecting the products makes machine highly automated.
    Insulation are applied to the heat tunnel, keeps more heat inside and reduces power consumption.
    Air circulation inside the tunnel, distributing heat to every corner.
    Cooling fans at the end of the packing line, chill the products within a quick time.
    film and foil rolls used on the carpet roll shrink wrapping machine
    carpet rolls and rug rolls shrink wrapped with nice packaging
    carpet rolls shrink wrapped by thermal roll shrink wrapping machine
    Technical Parameter
    Sealing type sleeve sealing and shrinking
    Power supply 380V/50-60Hz/3phase (440V/480V are available)
    Product size 1600mm(width) x 1000mm(outer diameter)
    Packing capacity 20-30 rolls/hour
    Film type single layer PE film, POF film
    Max film roll dimension 1750mm(width) x 280mm(outer diameter)
    Power consumption 35kw
    Heat tunnel conveyor chains with silicon coated rods
    Air pressure ≤0.5MPa
    Sealing system Special durable alloyed sealing knife with anti-stick Teflon coats
    Weight 1500kg