Economic Bearing Wrapping Machine EM-BL200-S

This is the economical model of bearing wrapping machine, with the very simple structure, it's suitable to wrap small coils which includes bearing, toroidal core, copper coils........
  • Customized machine applicable for: Bearing, steel coil, copper coil
  • Description
    Cheap price but very functional coil wrapping machine. This EM-BL200-S is a horizontal structure model which also used to wrap other coil products with small size especially small inner diameter. It's has the very high speed of the turning ring and great packaging efficiency.
    Economical coil wrapping machine-min
    With perfect packing effect, product surface well protected, sealed and looks beautiful elegant and tidy. 
    Ring to go through the coil eye for wrapping, packaging coils with film/paper and so on.
    Sloping platform designed to better fit to the loading by hands or with hoist/Crane....
    Film spool located on the ring, simple and easy to change the wrapping material.
    Clear and easy operation with buttons for control.
    Different packing material can be choosen, such as stretch film, PE/PVC/LLDPE film,paper, etc.
    Suitable for semi-automatic wrapping, a great helper to workers.
    Frequency converter is used to adjust speed according to your different requirement.
    Side rollers covered by polyurethane, well protection of product surface away from any damage.
    Rollers of the machine are adjustable by hand wheels.
    Power transmission system can be both by belts or tooth wheels.
    Equipped with integrated electrical box be convenient for technical testing and trouble-shooting.
    Separate buttons on control panel in English, easy and safe to operate.
    Economical bearing wrapping machine-01-min
    Economical bearing wrapping machine-02-min
    Economical bearing wrapping machine-03-min
    Technical Parameter
    Coil Height(W) 50~150mm
    Coil outer         diameter(OD) 300-550mm
    Coil inner diameter(ID) 150-450mm
    OD-ID <300mm
    Coil weight 50kg(max)
    Packing material:  
    Compound paper  Width:50mm,OD:120mm    ID:36mm
    LLDPE/PE/PVC film Width:50mm    OD:120mm   ID:36mm
    Ring speed  110 R/min
    Overlap rate 20%~90%
    Packing speed 20-25 sec/pcs
    Power App. 1.0Kw
    Power supply 380V,50Hz/3ph