Fork type electric mobile pallet rotator FZ-PM

This is a mobile pallet rotator with forks for inverting and changing pallet of light piles. Such as paper pile, available to dry the paper in a vertical position.
  • Standard machine: Yes
  • Applicable for: Pallet cargo, skid, paper pile
  • Description
    Popular for paper manufacturers, this mobile pallet rotator is good to change pallets for light products such as paper pile. Powered by battery, this machine is convenient to move around in the workshop.
    paper pile turner FZ-PM-01-min
    A versatile machine for pallet changing and pile rotating.
    Hydraulic system for lifting the pile, rotating by hands manually.
    Forks driven by hydraulic cylinders to clamp the pallet and pile cargo effectively.
    Low profile design allows the operator to stand on the rider platform and steer the load from workstation to workstation quickly and easily..
    Tilt and rotate loads with our durable mobile pallet rotator.
    DC power lift and drive makes operation safe and efficient.
    The ergonomic handle features easy to operate throttle with infinite forward and backward speeds, tilt/lower controls, safety belly back button, and horn.
    Features an electromagnetic disc brake with automatic dead-man feature that activates when user releases handle.
    Includes batteries, battery charger, battery level gauge, emergency battery disconnect and horn.
    Ideal in loading dock areas as a power pallet truck, pallet tilter, or as a turntable.
    Rolls smoothly on polyurethane steer and load wheels.
    mobile pallet rotator for paper pile
    paper pile turner 001-min
    mobile pallet rotator 002-min
    Technical Parameter
    Fork length 880mm ( able to customize)
    Fork width 680mm
    Jaw opening 800-1220mm/500-1780mm
    Platform height 1460mm/1575mm
    Max Load 1000kg/1500kg
    Lift motor DC24V 2.0Kw
    Battery 160Ah12*2V/280Ah12*2V
    Optional Accessories
    Monitor screen
    for convenient check of the surrounding, ensure safe operation
    Motor driven rotation
    operator stand on the rider platform to do all the work