Automatic stretch wrapper for luggage and carton TP-LP100

Automatic luggage wrapping machine for suitcase and luggage packing by stretch film wrapping at airports.
  • Standard machine: No
  • Description
    TP-LP100 is a high standard luggage stretch wrapping machine, perfect to use at airports for handling the passager's luggage and suitcase.
    luggage wrapping machine with screen for TV playing
    Screen is optional to add for playing instruction videos or other TV and videos.
    Film carriage available to move upwards and downwards, wrapping height is much larger.
    Using stretch film, 250% pre-stretched.
    Turntable speed adjusted by inverter, soft start and stop extending machine's worklife.
    Faster and more convenient comparing to manual wrapping, reducing labour costs.
    Tighter wrapping aimed to save much more material.
    One press for starting the machine, for non-professionals' use.
    Automated clamping poles, fix the products by machine itself.
    Optional screen for instruction video playing.
    A large range for application, suitable for wrapping cartons, cardboard boxes, luggages, suitcase....
    Universal wheels for replacing the machine easily.
    new style luggage wrapper
    suitcase wrapping machine at airport
    stretch wrapping machine for airport
    Technical Parameter
    Packing size L250-800mm, W220-480mm, H1000mm (available to customize)
    Max load 100kg
    Film roll dimension ID: 76.2mm, OD: max 250mm, Width: 500mm, Weight: max 10kg
    Stretch film thickness 25 microns
    Pre-stretch rate 250%
    Speed of turntable 20-40rmp
    Operation mode button control
    Power supply 220V,1/3Ph, 50/60Hz( 110V, 380V.... available to customize)
    Output 0.75kw
    Packing dimension L1200mm*W600mm*H1500mm
    Gross weight 200kg
    Optional Parts
    Weighing scale
    weighing the products at the same time, improves efficiency
    TV screen
    for playing instruction video or other videos