Motorized conveyor belt

The conveyor belt used for the automatic feeding and discharging of small products with low weight. Commonly to connect with shrink wrapping machine and orbital stretch wrapper machine.
The belt conveying line uses the rubber belt to drag the working plane to transfer the movement to achieve the purpose of the production process. It's often called as belt assembly line when it's used to delivery unfinished products of the assembly line. For feeding products to the package machine, it's also called as belt conveyor.
motor driven conveyor belt-min
This belt conveyor adopts a combined assembly mode, and the number of stations can be set according to process requirements.
The belt conveyor station is equipped with power sockets, process drawing boards, lighting, etc., so that the entire process flow is fast and orderly.
High-Performance Rubber Flat Belt Conveyor is probably the most well known type of conveyor, the belt conveyor has been around for centuries.
A belt conveyor consists of two or more rollers with which a belt tensioned between. At least one of the rollers is powered by a geared motor which in turn moves the belt around all the rollers.
Economic and practical, cost-effective.
Modular combination, easy to transport.
Reliable operation, low noise and safety.
Leg height adjustable, wide application scope.
Surface electrostatic spray, beautiful appearance.
Transmission speed is adjustable.
Heavy load capacity.
Beautiful lightweight design, fast installation.
Light belt conveyor (aluminum alloy) is a light load conveyor belt line, conveying carton, magazines, etc., suitable for indoor transportation.
Available to integrate with different machinery including shrink wrapper, orbital stretch wrapping machine.
motor driven conveyor belt-01-min
motor driven conveyor belt-03-min
motor driven conveyor belt-02-min
Technical Parameter
Width 500mm/800mm/1200mm........ customized
Length 1000mm/2000mm/3000mm/6000mm.......customized
Loading height 800mm.....customized
Max load  200kg
Conveying speed 1-15m/min
Speed control by speed regulator or frequency converter
Applicable machine shrink wrapper, orbital stretch wrapper
Working mode automatic / button control
Output 0.75Kw.......