POF folding film

Packing material for L bar shrink wrapper and motion sealer and shrink wrapping machine. High transparency and high shrinkage, make tight and nice package.
Hot Slip Polyolefin (POF) Shrink Film, the main advantage is excellent hot slip property.
shrinkable film made of POF material
The surface of the film without hot slip property usually causes stick after shrinking at high temperature that makes it is hard to put the packages together. This POF film is your best choice to avoid such difficulties.
Performs great on high-speed automatic shrink wrappers. Except for the hot slip property, it has all good properties.

POF Shrink Film is a most durable longest lasting shrink wrap film, provides exceptional strength and tear resistance.
Economy. Small specific gravity -- thin and tough, and low actual use costs.
Physics. Soft, but tenacious, robust tear strength and even thickness.
Applicability. The enclosures are unaffected and will not deform, even after they have been preserved for a long period of time.
Safe. Innocuous, it might be used to contact foodstuffs directly.
Application. Food, Beverage, household articles packaging. Drug, health-care products outside or combinative packaging. Plastic & hardware package. Stationery, toys & books packaging.
high transparent POF film
folding film with good hot slip
POF folding film with excellent toughness
Technical Parameter
Material POF
Type Shrink Film
Usage Shrink packaging
Feature Moisture Proof
Hardness Soft
Processing Type Blow Molding
Transparency transparent
Width 100mm-950mm(center folded)
Length According to requirements
Thickness 19, 25, 30microns
Grade Food grade
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