Pre-slab upender machine FZ-PSB

Pre-slab upender machine is used for the turnover of large pre-slab panels, steel plate.....with 90/180 degree rotation. Flipping the plates and change the upper side. The machine adopts hydraulic driven system and dual turnover bodies to accomplish.
  • Standard machine: No
  • Applicable for: Pre-slab, steel plate, panel and boards
  • Description
    Making the flipping motion of large and heavy plates and panels such as pre-slab. Changing the upper surface with an easy and safe 180 degree turnover action. Replace the manual work and giving more protections to the operator. Using the forklift to cooperate instead of the hoist/crane, less dangerous operation and more quick actions.
    pre-slab turnover machine
    Hydraulic cylinders used for driven the turnover machine smoothly with sufficient power.
    Reinforced structure using thicker and stronger material with high standard and careful soldering.
    Dual flipping bodies are optional for accomplishing the 180 degree turnover with twice rotation.
    An effective equipment for flipping the heavy bundles and panels/boards for exchanging the upper and down sides.
    Safer operation compare to manual flipping by forklift and hoist.
    Control by buttons and easy to operate, greatly reduce the labour intensity in the workshop.
    Double flipping bodies to finish the 180 degree turnover with twice 90 degree turnover.
    Fork shape workbenches crossed for the smooth handover of the heavy bundles.
    Available to embed in the pit of floor for convenient loading and unloading by pallet jack.
    Separated control panel and electrical cabinet away from the turnover machine, keep the personnel safe.
    Multiple position limit system ensure secure operation, the machine can be stopped at random and object will stay in current position.
    Low noise keep a friendly and comfortable environment for the workers.
    The machine is integrally welded, polished, heat treated and adjusted.
    pre-slab 180 degree turnover machine
    hydraulic flipping machine for turning pre-slab and panel and boards
    super large pre-slab turnover machine flipping heavy boards and panels
    Technical Parameter
    Degree of tilting 90°/180°
    Bundle dimension depending on customer requirement
    Loading  forklift/ hoist/ pallet jack
    Max load  
    FZ-PSB-01 1T
    FZ-PSB-02 2T
    FZ-PSB-03 3T
    Platform dimension depending on product's dimension
    Turn over speed 90-120 sec
    Operation mode button control
    Power supply 380V, 3Ph, 50/60Hz( 220V, 480V.... available to customize)