Vertical pallet strapping machine KZ-PS-V

The vertical pallet strapping machine with strapping head mounted on the top, the binding force is even. Integrated with the pallet wrapping machine, saving space and reducing cost. The movable arrow can be adapted to various specifications.
The fully automatic vertical pallet strapping machine is specially used to strap the pallets. The strap head adopts high speed friction welding method, applicable to PET belts. This machine is used with the pallet strapping and conveying line automatically in no need of manual operation.
vertical pallet PET strapping machine-02-min
PET belt used as the strapping material, high speed friction welding, no harmful gas is volatilized during the buckle process.
This machine is mainly equipped by Frame, strapping head, belt feeding unit, belt ring plate unit and control platform.
Simple, safe and user-friendly operation, automatic strap end detection.
Strap tension adjustable from soft to high, the strapping has fast welding speed, high quality and neat appearance.
Robust structure, durable materials, high overall reliability.
In order to make the packaging more stable, when the belt is tightened, the tapping head can move laterally, so that the packing belt is evenly stressed on both sides of the goods, and the stack shape is more stable....
PLC control, easy to embed in fully automatic conveyor line, multiple packaging modes can be preset.
The retractable sword-piercing design allows the packing belt to pass through the pallet holes to firmly fix the goods on the pallet; it can also be extended into the sword-piercing groove of the conveyor to complete pallet-free packaging.
Based on advanced design and good operation interface, this model has better performance, higher efficiency and less maintenance cost. Low failure rate, simple maintenance, convenient maintenance.
The strapping head is mounted on the top, and the binding force is even.
The strapping and welding position is on the top of the cargo (the head is above the cargo), so that the force on both sides of the stack can be uniform, which is more suitable for tying heavy stacks of cargo.
Signal reminder when the packing belt needs to be replaced.
The frame size can be customized, suitable for vertical strapping of various products, and can provide stable transportation and storage guarantee for goods.
vertical pallet PET strapping machine-05-min
vertical pallet PET strapping machine-03-min
vertical pallet PET strapping machine-04-min
Technical Parameter
Working height ≥300mm
Strapping speed 20 seconds/strap
Belt feeding speed 2.4-5.5m/s
Strap belt reel dimension  
ID 200-210mm
OD 400-500mm
Width 160-180mm
Arch upon customer's requirement
Operation mode Automatic
Strap belt type PET belt
Strap belt dimension Width:9-19(±1)mm, thickness: 0.55-1.0(±0.1)mm
Strap tension 0-500kg
Power supply 380V 50/60Hz  1.2kw
Machine overall size  L4750mm* W2270mm* H3350mm
Gross weight 800kg
Optional Accessories
Roller conveyor
for inline automatic strapping with in-feeding and out-feeding system
Mobile strapping station
it can be strapped vertically one by one when the conveyor is stationary
Cross lifting device
which can realize vertical tic-tac-toe strapping