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Cheap mechanical mold turner economic mold flipping solution

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Author : Pile turner
Update time : 2022-09-22 11:14:41
In the injection molding industry, many products are small-sized products, such as daily necessities, toys, home textiles, motorcycle accessories and so on. The molds used in the production of small products also tend to be smaller in size and much lighter in weight than medium or large molds. Therefore, a simple and smaller turn over device may be more suitable for flipping such small molds. In addition, the processing of this type of small parts and products is generally dominated by small enterprises and self-employed workshops. The funds of them available for equipment investment are generally very limited. Therefore, the costs of the mold turning device is also worth to consider.

This mechanical mold turner is specially designed for the turning work of small molds, with its compact size, rigorous design and good appearance. With the help from hoisting equipment such as hoist, cranes, forklifts and other machines, it can be applied to the overturning of general injection molding and stamping dies, casting dies, and the maximum load of this mechanical mold turner can reach 5 tons.
cheap mechanical mold turner economic mold upender solutions
Full steel structure, this mechanical mold turn over device is welded from thick walled closed profiles, square tubes. High quality bearings are adopted to guarantee the function of this mold turner. Small space requirement and simple operation without the need for training are the benefits of this mechanical mold turner. A safe craddle/basket is the place where we can place the moulds on, lifting by crane to smoothly tilt the molds by 90 °. A strong support beam will be hold the turning basket after the molds are flipped to the ideal position and directions.

The biggest feature of this mechanical mold turner is its low price. Customers can own one or more such mold turning devices without spending too much. Compared with electric and hydraulic mold upender machines, the investment cost is very low. It is a good choice for small workshop owners on a limited budget. It is also possible to equip such a mold turning device next to each injection molding or stamping equipment, which will greatly improves our production efficiency.