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Pre-slab turn over machine used in building and construction

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Author : Pile turner
Update time : 2021-09-14 22:57:20
With the development of technology, a large number of prefabricated concrete components have been industrialized and completed by industrial workers. The construction site is mainly assembled and installed. Concrete precast parts have the characteristics of improving construction quality, increasing labor productivity, improving the site environment, achieving energy conservation and environmental protection, improving construction quality, and improving labor efficiency.

At the construction site, the prefabricated parts need to be turned over when they are assembled so that they can be vertically suspended to the corresponding position. In the prior art, the overturning of pre-slab is mostly achieved by manual overturning racks. When using the manual flip frame, first place the pre-slab on the flip frame, and use the canvas to firmly fix the pre-slab on the flip frame; Then hang the flip frame with a gantry crane, and slowly move with the lifting height of the flip frame. The gantry crane moves forward; The turning frame is turned and erected by the gantry crane so that the preforms on it are turned and placed on the stacking frame; Finally, the canvas is removed. With this existing turning method, the gantry crane is unbalanced and unsteady in lifting, which may easily cause the preform to chip or break, and has low efficiency; In addition, the canvas fixing and removal of the preform need to be completed manually, which poses a safety hazard.

The utility model discloses a pre-slab turning equipment, which includes a fixed seat, a turning device for placing the pre-slab that is reversible relative to the fixed seat. And a driving device that drives the pre-slab turn over machine to turn over which result to the pre-slab turn over. This special turning device includes a turning table rotatably connected to the fixed seat on one side, and a positioning for positioning the pre-slab on the turning table against one side of the preform. The positioning frame is vertically connected to the side where the turning table and the fixing base are connected. In the pre-slab turning equipment of the utility model, a driving device drives the turning table to turn relative to the fixed seat to turn over the pre-slab. The turning is stable and quick, and it is more efficient and safer than manual turning.