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The new packing solution for door and windows in 2022

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Author : Pallet wrapper
Update time : 2022-03-13 22:52:46
Traditionally, the orbital stretch wrapping machine and thermal shrink wrapping machine are the first option when we talk about packaging of products like door, window or panels. They both have their popularity because of their special features and good packing performance. The orbital stretch wrapping machine is really capable for handling the very heavy doors and windows. For some aluminum door producers, their final products which are the assembled doors and windows are very heavy may even over 200kg of weight. So the orbital door wrapping machine is good for it. And the orbital wrapping machine has more tolerance for the wrapping height, so it's possible for few stacked doors wrapped together by the machine in once.

About the thermal shrink wrapping machine, it's mainly for packing single products as there is limitation for the height of the products. The shrink wrapped package has higher transparency and good exterior, and the tightness is much better than the orbital wrapping machine. The thermal shrink wrapping machine also has the higher packing speed which is about 10-20 seconds for one door panel and it's continuous to work. 

But there is also some cases that the thermal shrink wrapping machine doesn't apply. When doors are assembled with the anti-fire components, this machine won't be suitable for doing the package anymore. Becasue the packaging material needs the high temperature inside the chamber of the shrink tunnel to shrink to tight condition.

In this year of 2022, we have a new model of door packing machine, it's the vertical door wrapping machine. This machine is rebuilt on the turntable pallet stretch wrapping machine, so it's also an economical solution for door and window packaging. Special clamp made and installed both on the top pressing and the turntable to clamp the door panel steadily during the rotation and wrapping. Compare to the previous two solutions, the cost of this machine is much lower.

In some small workshops, people focus on customization and high quality products. That means the capacity is very low but the sizes of the doors and windows that they produce is variant. So, it's unnecessary to invest too much for a machine that won't be used most of the times. This economical door wrapping machine maybe is a better choice.

This vertical door wrapping machine will pre-stretch the film before applying to the products. The pre-stretched film makes tight wrapping as it will shrink back shortly after the pre-stretching. The machine has photoelectricity for detecting the door, the film carriage will climb up to the top and come down to finish the wrapping. Under the semi-automatic control mode, the machine is very easy to be operated by a trained worker.