Floor level pallet flipper machine FZ-PF

Floor level based platform with lifting motion, this pallet flipper is good to use without forklift. Loading and unloading the cargo by pallet jack, with the ramp for assistance.
  • Standard machine: Yes
  • Applicable for: Pallet cargo, skid
  • Description
    Compare to FZ-PT series, this machine has a lower height both for the platform and overall size. The ramp which needed for driving up the cargo by pallet jack is rather thin, suitable to flip small and light pallet cargo in small workshops.
    floor level base pallet flipper machine
    Drive up ramp for loading and unloading by pallet jack or pallet truck.
    Lifting motion for the turn over body, raise the cargo first before rotation. 
    Single clamp to compress the cargo tight, avoid falling of boxes or other items.
    Individual electrical cabinet with operation panel built on it.
    Hydraulic system providing power to the machine's function.
    Turn over body lifting mechanism, free the machine to rotate.
    Mushroom button, for stopping the machine completely if emergency happens.
    Low noise, create a better work environment for workers.
    Machine able to function in low temperature environment.
    Safety guard covers the working area, prevent aliens entering in.
    Technical Parameter
    Pallet dimension 800*800mm-1200*1200mm 
    Jaw opening 1070-1890mm 
    Max load 1 ton
    Machine size L2200mm W1920mm H2155
    Electrical cabinet  L305mm W402mm H880mm
    Power supply 380V, 3Ph, 50/60Hz( available to customize)
    Output 2.2kw
    Machine weight App 1900kg
    Safety guard  L3040mm  W3000mm  H1870mm