Luggage and carton stretch wrapper TP-LP50-X

Optional to have a weighing scale with it, the machine is excellent for packing cartons and luggage and air parcel by stretch wrapping.
  • Standard machine: Yes
  • Machine in stock: Yes
  • Description
    TP-LP50-X is the new model for luggage and carton wrapping, which has automatic clamp on the turntable for more convenient operation.
    luggage wrapper added weighing scale
    Pre-stretched film make the wrapped package well sealed, high speed rotation increase the wrapping capacity.
    Easy and convenient operation panel suitable for non-trained workers to use.
    Stretch film application, pre-stretch function.
    Speed adjusted by inverter, soft start and stop extending machine's worklife.
    Faster and more convenient than manual wrapping, reduce labour costs.
    Tighter wrapping saves more material than manual.
    One press for starting the machine, for non-professionals' use.
    Automated clamping poles, fix the products by machine itself.
    A large range for application, suitable for wrapping cartons, cardboard boxes, luggages, suitcase....
    With universal wheels, the machine can be replaced easily.
    luggage stretch wrapper with weighing scale
    automatic luggage wrapper with clamping pole
    luggage stretch wrapping machine with undersized turntable
    Technical Parameter
    Packing size L250-800mm, W220-480mm, H500mm (available to customize)
    Max load 100kg
    Film roll dimension Inner diameter: 76.2mm, outer diameter: max 300mm, Width: 500mm, Weight: max 15kg
    Stretch film thickness 20-35 microns
    Pre-stretch rate 250%
    Speed of turntable 20-40rmp
    Operation mode automatic
    Power supply 220V,1/3Ph, 50/60Hz( 110V, 380V.... available to customize)
    Output 0.48kw
    Packing dimension L1200mm*W600mm*H1000mm
    Gross weight 200kg
    Optional Parts
    Weighing scale
    weighing the products at the same time, improves efficiency