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Luggage wrapper-the ideal wrapping machine for small items packaging

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Author : Stretch wrapper
Update time : 2021-08-12 23:51:23
We have introduced many stretch wrapping machines before, all of which are aimed at wrapping and packaging pallet loaded goods. Most of these equipment occupies a large area or connected to the assembly line. But this type of equipment is often not suitable for small-sized goods. There are lots of small pieces of goods such as airport luggage and logistics packages ( air parcel ) that need to be wrapped. The existing packaging methods are often manual wrapping, but this means all the heavy work will be finished by hands with no help, labour intensive and inefficient. Therefore, a special equipment designed for wrapping the small items are needed.
luggage wrapping machine for packaging air parcel and luggage
This type of luggage wrapping machine is aimed at airports, express companies and other places that need to package small items. It can avoid the collision of the goods during the transit and transportation, and it is dust-proof and moisture-proof. The equipment is easy to operate and adopts a touch screen operation panel, which can be used to wrap different goods by setting parameters. The operator puts the luggage on the turntable and adjusts the clamping rods according to the size of the luggage, so that the luggage can be placed on the turntable stationary. Then the operator presses the start button on the operation panel, and the equipment automatically packs, usually 3-5 layers for one luggage. After the packaging is complete, the operator manually cuts off the film and then removes the luggage.

In terms of configuration, PLC is used to control the operation of the equipment, which can ensure the stable operation of the equipment; The operation status can also be viewed and monitored through the LCD panel; The 250% pre-stretching that comes with the equipment can pull the stretch film to 2.5 times longer, effectively saving stretch film; If equipped with a weighing scale, customers can also know the weight of each cargo on the external display in real time.

When we need to wrap small goods, we might as well try to wrap it with a luggage wrapping machine, which can effectively save packaging time and consumables costs ( the stretch film used on this machine ).