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New idea of 6 sides stretch wrapping using conveyorized pallet wrapper and upender

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Author : Pallet wrapper
Update time : 2021-05-15 23:45:05
Although, traditionally the 6 sides / full sides stretch wrapping is performed by the orbital stretch wrapper which has a film carriage to rotate and change the direction and a conveyorized turntable to do both horizontal stretch wrapping and vertical stretch wrapping.

But this machine is very expensive which is less cost effective. So, we found a new solution for doing the same job by less costy and complex machines.
This new idea is to form an automatic six sides stretch wrapping machine consisted of conveyorized pallet stretch wrapper and upender:

Automatic six-sided stretch wrapping and packaging line

Performance and characteristics of the machine:
1. The online six-sided automatic winding packaging line is suitable for assembly line operations and can meet the automation requirements of modern enterprises for the six-sided overall winding packaging of goods.
2. Such products have been widely used in industries such as chemicals, electronic appliances, food, beverages, papermaking, auto and motorcycle parts.
3. The system adopts programmable controller (PLC) control to ensure the stability and reliability of the equipment.
4. Frequency conversion stepless speed regulation, slow start and stop, work smoothly, and can be effectively connected with the external conveying line.
5. The photoelectric automatic sensing height and the movable limit block limit the arbitrary selection of the packaging height, and the photoelectric switch is positioned accurately.
6. The number of wrapping layers and the number of wrapping are adjustable from 1 to 9 layers, the height above the top is adjustable, and the winding speed is adjustable by frequency conversion.
8. Automatic film application, film breaking, and film blowing. Film breaking adopts electric heating film breaking method, which is convenient and reliable.
9. The film breaking cylinder automatically performs film blowing action.
10. Automatic pre-stretching film frame, up and down transmission adopts double chain structure, stable operation.
11. Pneumatic overturning mechanism, special air circuit design, fast, stable and safe reversal.
12. Pneumatic topping device, suitable for various weights of goods.
13. Pneumatic ejection device makes the packaging of goods more complete.
14. Pneumatic centering mechanism, perfect synchronization design, rapid and accurate centering.
15. Remote control equipment can be installed for more convenient operation.
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